1. Preserve the positive image associated with the dairy industry and dairy farmers:
    1. Position supply management in a positive manner
    2. Define Dairy Farmers of Canada’s (DFC) brand further (positioning and signature)
    3. Educate and build strong relationships with the new Parliament and Cabinet
    4. Strengthen capacities with regard to issue management and crisis communications while improving management protocols
    5. Elaborate DFC’s international development strategy
  2. Promote the daily consumption of dairy products:
    1. Implement the 2016 Marketing and Nutrition Plan
  3. Exert influence on matters pertaining to the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) compensation packages and monitor trade negotiations
  4. Monitor and exert influence over the regulatory process:
    1. Support Nutrition (e.g., sugar, trans fats, marketing to children)
    2. Protect product integrity (e.g., Food labeling Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s Inspection Modernization Program, Quantitative Ingredient Declaration, Dairy Code’s review)
  5. Help create a new market environment:
    1. Conclude dairy producers-processors’ negotiations
    2. Improve and increase collaboration with processors
  6. Development of a national strategy for dairy research and knowledge transfer
  7. Support proAction Initiative:
    1. Implement the Initiative’s modules
    2. Intensify communications (internally and externally)
    3. Foster support and recognition from national and international stakeholders
  8. Deliver the 2017 Strategic Plan