Supply Management

Supply management ensures fairness for dairy farmers and benefits milk processors, consumers and the economy.

Do Canadians support the Canadian dairy system?

In a recent Abacus poll released April 25, 2017, Canadians reiterated their support and satisfaction with the range, quality and price of Canadian dairy. This study was not commissioned by Dairy Farmers of Canada or affiliate nor were the questions provided to dairy organization ahead of the release of results.

What is supply management?

Canada’s supply management system provides balance in the dairy sector by enabling Canadian dairy farmers to act collectively to negotiate price and adjust milk production to meet consumer demand.

While farmers around the world face unexpected and inexplicable wild market fluctuations, Canadian farmers sell their milk at constant and stable prices.

As a result, Canadian dairy farming is one of the few agricultural sectors that are self-sufficient – providing income security for farmers and requiring no government subsidy. This means Canadian farmers can invest in their farms, communities and Canada.

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