Step Four: Make Your Milk Program a Success (With the Four Winning Factors)

Looking for ways to make running your Elementary School Milk Program (ESMP) easier, more fun and more successful? Implement these four winning factors to get the most from your Milk Program:

1. Use a prepayment system

Prepayment makes the whole program easier for Milk Coordinators to manage: dairy orders are more accurate, there is less spoilage and there is rarely a shortage of milk. What’s more, schools that use the prepayment system sell 88% more milk than schools on cash or tickets! Learn more about prepayment.

2. Price milk at 60 cents or less

Schools that price milk at 60 cents or less sell 44% more milk than schools that price milk above 60 cents. Pricing milk at 60 cents or less is also more economical for parents; which means even more children at your school can enjoy the goodness of milk at lunch.

3. Sell chocolate and white milk

Kids prefer chocolate milk, and you can feel good about that! Chocolate milk provides the same nutrients as white milk, with the same amount of sugar as unsweetened apple juice. It helps make the program a success: schools that sell chocolate and white milk sell 63% more milk than schools that sell only white milk.

4. Do not sell competitive products

Schools that sell only milk sell 27% more milk than schools that offer other products, like bottled water or fruit juice.

Does your child get milk at school?

If you are a parent, you can find out whether your kids attend an elementary school that is registered with the ESMP in a snap. And enrolling them is as easy as 1-2-3. Learn more

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