Promoting Canadian Dairy Products

DFC is responsible for helping grow the dairy category in Canada and improving the image of Canadian dairy products. DFC operates market expansion programs in several areas related to dairy including milk, cream, cheese and nutrition. We are therefore active on many fronts.

Our ongoing market research, for instance, affords us the knowledge to create targeted programs and promotions designed to build the dairy categories, and our marketing activities are extensive and varied. We are also proud to offer excellent training and knowledge acquisition programs that have been created to meet the needs of grocery store chains across the country.

DFC is dedicated to ensuring a positive future for the dairy industry and helping all our partners, including retailers, reach their maximum potential. To achieve this, we provide invaluable promotional resources (e.g. experiential marketing, training, financing of innovative activities, nutrition specialists) and can also provide key dairy market information on sales, consumer attitudes and usage, and market analysis. We also offer retailers insights on opportunities for enhancing sales, elevating their merchandising efforts and creating high-impact events.

In addition, DFC supports category development and innovation in the Canadian dairy industry by creating partnerships with well-known dairy and food processors. We are continually launching dynamic promotional programs to educate consumers and entice them to reach for dairy products more often. From our popular Milk Calendar, our prestigious Canadian Cheese Grand Prix and our All You Need Is Cheese programs and promotions to high-profile television and print advertising campaigns and creative in-store programs, we work hard to get the word out that Canadian dairy products offer outstanding value, variety and quality, and can easily be part of a healthy diet.

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