What We Do

  • Animal Health and Welfare

    Producing high-quality 100% Canadian milk requires top-notch animal care, dedication and a love of the land.

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  • Our Economic Contribution

    The Canadian dairy sector is a dynamic and consistent contributor in every province; there’s reinvestment and spin-offs throughout the agri-food value chain and social fabric of Canada’s rural communities.

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  • Supply Management

    Supply management ensures fairness for dairy farmers and benefits milk processors, consumers and the economy.

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  • International Trade

    Dairy farmers have concerns regarding the impact of trade negotiations on their livelihood and the stability of our farms and communities.

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  • Programs

    Dairy Farmers of Canada is actively involved in creating programs that support and improve the dairy industry.

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  • Marketing

    Through advertising, contests, partnerships, educational programs and media relations, Dairy Farmers of Canada promotes Canadian milk products and encourages healthy eating habits.

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