Identification and traceability are key in tracing back in a timely fashion the origin of problems such as contamination or risk for animal health that may arise.



Milk is traceable from farm to processing plant

  • All milk is sampled at the farm to allow industry to trace back any potential issue that may arise after milk leaves the farm

Animals are traceable

  • All cattle have been systematically tagged since the federal regulations came into force in 2001
  • 97% of dairy farms have a premises identification number
  • Dairy animal births on the farm are recorded
    • 100% of births on Quebec farms are recorded
    • Holsteins Canada members (68% of Canadian dairy farms) record all dairy births

All animal movements, including death, are recorded 

  • 100% of Quebec dairy farms have an animal movement system in place
  • Dairy Farmers of Canada is planning to implement a national recording system in 2016
Last updated: 15/04/2016

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