Farmers have plans and procedures to preserve herd health;  the key is prevention, but if an animal disease is on farm, the plan will be to control it and mitigate risks so it does not leave the farm.



The industry has a framework to enhance animal and herd health

Dairy farmers work to prevent disease from arriving on the farm

  • Many dairy farms segregate new animals arriving on the farm or keep closed herds
  • Dairy farmers test, vaccinate, and treat their cattle if necessary

Dairy farmers are committed to cleanliness to safeguard animal health, and minimize risk of disease

  • Dairy farmers clean the barn at least twice a day
  • Dairy farmers clean and disinfect equipment used on the farm
  • Dairy farmers ensure that the driveway to their barn is kept clean to minimize accidental propagation of bacteria from, or to, other farms
  • Visitors and service providers are encouraged to minimize risk for animal health by wearing boots provided by the farm, wear plastic covers, or disinfect their boots upon arrival and departure from farm
Last updated: 15/04/2016

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