Technical Resources Overview

Through the proAction initiative, Canadian dairy farmers provide measurable proof of the quality and safety of milk and meat and work to continually improve animal health and welfare, as well as environmental stewardship. 

This section of the website includes resources for farmers to use in implementing proAction.

Watch the DFC and Farm Management Canada webinar and see why it’s a game changer:

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The proAction Initiative

These documents will provide a guide and introduction to proAction and its modules:

The proAction initiative operates with six key modules. These modules have been developed and are being implemented at different stages:

proaction modules

The timelines were built to realistically allow for group and individual training and validation of all farms, building on the existing food safety (formerly CQM) infrastructure for record-keeping. The initiative is ambitious in that all Canadian dairy farms are expected to complete the certification and continue to undergo regular validations and show continuous improvement.

Each module was developed by technical working groups composed of farmers, scientists, veterinarians and industry specialists in the matter at hand. Each module is being developed and implemented in a staged approach of training and validation.

The Process of Registration, Validation & Compliance

With proAction, farmers are recording information, identifying issues and looking to improve, innovate and find solutions to their challenges.

Here is information on the registration process as well as the appeals and complaints process for proAction:

To farmers: the following documents will help you prepare for your proAction validation:

Access additional technical resources by selecting a proAction module