Our History

A proud part of our heritage, Dairy Farmers of Canada has achieved many milestones since 1934.

In 1934, the Canadian Dairy Farmers’ Federation was established as the voice of Canadian dairy producers. The organization was renamed Dairy Farmers of Canada in 1942, when the Federation merged with the Producers’ Section of the National Dairy Council. The mandate of DFC evolved to pursue market stability policies and ensure fairer prices for producers.

More recently, in 1994, Dairy Farmers of Canada merged with the Dairy Bureau of Canada – the national organization responsible for the generic promotion of Canadian dairy products. DFC then regrouped all policy, marketing, nutrition and market research activities. To bring the organization’s activities under one common symbol, dairy producers also adopted a new corporate logo.

When you buy dairy products with the 100% Canadian milk symbol, you can be sure you’re getting the superior quality Canadian dairy is famous for. And when you support your local dairy producers, you also keep your local economy strong. So look for this symbol and take pride in your dairy.

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