Great ways to celebrate World School Milk Day (WSMD) in your school

WSMD is an opportunity for schools around the world to celebrate milk however they like. No matter how they choose to celebrate, they all share the common goal of celebrating school milk programs and the importance of drinking milk.

You can celebrate however you like, but here are a few suggestions to help get you on your way:

  • Have students create their own milk-themed costumes, then give away prizes to the most inventive.
  • Set up a scavenger hunt. Create maps and clues that lead them to the hidden milk cartons and a buried treasure.
  • Have a game of milk carton balance. Divide the kids into pairs of two. Then have them stand face-to-face in their pairs and put a milk carton between their foreheads. Next the host commands things such as "two steps to the right”, "jump", "kneel down" etc. The last team standing who hasn’t dropped their carton wins. But remember, no hands!
  • Set up a milk obstacle course.
  • Hold a giant game of “hot potato” with all the students, but using a milk carton in place of a potato. The ‘last one standing’ wins a prize.
  • Have a milk moustache-making contest. The best stache wins.
  • Have students create their own milk-themed song and perform it.
  • Have your students create milk-themed poems, pictures, sculptures and more.
  • Have them get into groups and choose a popular song or rap that they have to recreate new milk-themed lyrics to. The songs are then judged.
  • Hold a milk-smoothie making contest where the tastiest concoction wins.
  • Have students enter a Moo-ing contest. The judges pick the top Moo-ers.
  • Milk Carton Bowling - Take empty 1 litre or 2 litre milk cartons and fill bottom with a little sand or material to weigh them down. Set up bowling alleys and hold a competition or tournament to determine the best bowler.
  • Have students design new milk carton graphics.
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