Dairy Farming and the Environment

Dairy Farmers of Canada adopted a national strategy for Sustainable Development to share information about what farmers are doing for sustainability. DFC also invests in research that will improve sustainability and viability of dairy farms.

Since 2012, DFC recognize annually achievements of Canadian dairy farmers doing outstanding work related to sustainable development with its Dairy Farm Sustainability Award

When it comes to taking advantage of realizing Environmental Farm Plans programs to make improvements on farms, dairy farmers are second only to field crop growers. Dairy farmers have long taken advantage of these programs to improve manure storage facilities and handling equipment and to plan nutrient management; but also to reduce energy consumption. Energy conservation typically includes heating and ventilation upgrades, energy use audits and using biodiesel in farm machinery Thus dairy farmers in Canada have made important achievements as shown in this summary sheet:

The Environmental and Social Life Cycle Analysis of the Dairy Sector

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