Validator Information

Validators are qualified individuals that conduct on-farm validations (i.e. audits) of producers’ implemented CQM program.

Validators are required to:

1. Meet the CQM education and experience requirements;

  • 2 years post-secondary education in agriculture-related program plus 2 years dairy cattle production experience or,
  • 2 years post-secondary education in any program plus 3 years dairy cattle production experience on farm or,
  • 5 years work experience in dairy cattle production on farm.

2. Successfully complete the Canadian Quality Milk Validator Training Course;

  • Take the on-line training course ( The course is password protected. Once you are accepted into the course, the National Program Coordinator will provide you with a user name and password.
  • Attend the in-person training course (1.7-day course: 1.2 days in the classroom and half a day on a farm);
  • Achieve 75% or greater as a final grade;

3. Successfully complete 3 to 5 shadow or witness validations with a qualified CQM validator or provincial coordinator. At least one shadow or witness validation must be a registration validation. Trainees are evaluated by the person they are shadowing and the evaluations are submitted to the National Program Coordinator.

4. Have on-farm auditor liability insurance; and,

5. Continue to upgrade training or education as required by the CQM program. Training is offered through Dairy Farmers of Canada and may be in the form of workshops, conferences and/or information bulletins.

If you are interested in becoming a CQM validator in your province, please contact the provincial delivery agent in your province. Dairy Farmers of Canada only provides CQM Validator Training Courses by request from a provincial delivery agent.

Once the National Program Coordinator has determined that you have satisfied the experience and qualifications requirements, you are classified as a qualified CQM validator and issued a certificate and a validator identification card.

CQM validators must complete a minimum of 3 CQM validations every 2 years and successfully pass re-evaluations to retain qualified validator status, unless granted otherwise by the PDA.

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