2009 Edition Finalists

2009 Cheese Finalists:
Here are the 2009 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix Finalists in each different category:

Fresh Cheese:

  • Les bouchées – Italian Style, Damafro Inc. (QC)
  • Bocconcini, International Cheese Co. Ltd. (ON)

Soft Cheese with bloomy rind:

  • Island Bries, Little Qualicum Cheeseworks Ltd. (BC)
  • Evanturel, Thornloe Cheese (ON)

Semi-soft Cheese:

  • Edam, Bothwell Cheese (MB)
  • Gouda Mild, Sylvan Star Cheese Ltd. (AB)

Washed-rind Cheese:

  • Comtomme, Fromagerie La Station (QC)
  • La Roubine de Noyan, Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser (QC)

Firm Cheese:

  • St.Georges, Thornloe Cheese (ON)
  • Le Blackburn, Fromagerie Blackburn (QC)

Swiss-type Cheese:

  • Miranda, Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser (QC)
  • Oka l’Artisan, Agropur, Fine cheese Division (QC)

Pasta Filata:

  • Provolone, Silani Sweet Cheese Ltd. (ON)
  • Racolli Pizza Mozzarella, Parmalat (ON)


Not enough entries

Blue Cheese:

  • Dragon’s Breath Blue, That Dutchman’s Cheese Farm (NS)
  • Bleu Bénédictin, Abbaye St-Benoît-du-Lac (QC)

Flavoured Cheese with added non-particulate flavouring:

  • Balderson Double Smoked Cheddar, Balderson/Parmalat (ON)
  • Le Guillaume Tell, Domaine Féodal (QC)

Flavoured Cheese with added particulate solids and flavouring:

  • Oka with mushrooms, Agropur, Fine cheese Division (QC)
  • Jalapeño flavoured Cheddar, St-Albert Cheese Co-operative Inc. (ON)

Mild Cheddar:

  • Mild Cheddar, Empire Cheese and Butter Company (ON)
  • Balderson Mild Cheddar Balderson/Parmalat (ON)

Medium Cheddar:

  • H.T. White Cheddar (Medium) St-Albert Cheese Co-operative Inc. (ON)
  • Medium Cheddar, Agropur, Cheese Division and Functional product (QC)

Extra Old Cheddar:

  • Balderson 6 year Heritage Balderson/Parmalat (ON)
  • Old Cheddar, Amalgamated Dairies Limited (PEI)

Farmhouse Cheese:

  • Alfred Le Fermier, Fromagerie La Station (QC)
  • Raclette du Roy Léo, Fromagerie F.X. Pichet (QC)

Organic Cheese:

  • Organic Gouda, Damafro Inc. (QC)
  • Comtomme Signature, Fromagerie La Station (QC)

Retail Packaging Design:

  • Omega-3 Ricotta Cup, Silani Sweet Cheese Ltd. (ON)
  • Île-aux-Grues Cheddar, Société Coopérative Agricole de l’Île-aux-Grues (QC)
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