2009 Edition Champions

Congratulations to the 2009 Cheese Champions!

On February 21st and 22nd, in Montreal, jury members carefully observed, touched, smelled, and tasted 172 cheeses made by 41 different cheese makers across Canada.

Here are the 2009 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix Champions:

Grand Champion: Kénogami

Category Winner and Grand Champion of the 2009 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix is Kénogami from La Fromagerie Lehmann in Quebec.

Fromagerie Lehmann offers a variety of cheeses including Kénogami, made exclusively with milk from herds on the farm where the cheese is produced.

Kénogami, the winner for the washed rind category and also the 2009 Grand Champion, is a soft, washed rind cheese with an aroma of mild herbs and a creamy, buttery and nutty flavour.

2009 Category Winners:

Among 48 finalist cheeses, 16 were appointed "Category Champions", here they are:

Fresh Cheese

Black Diamond Feta, Parmalat (ON)
A soft cheese with a salty flavour, it is the perfect match to any type of salad and delightful in a variety of dishes: in a shrimp casserole, on pizzas, with roasted vegetables, in an omelet, etc. With a glass of white wine, a few Calamata olives and an herb-flavoured foccacia, Black Diamond Feta is simply incomparable!

Soft Cheese with bloomy rind

Marquis de Témiscouata, Fromagerie Le Détour (QC)
A soft, bloomy rind cheese with a supple texture, velvety flavour and buttery aroma. Enjoy it with fresh crusty bread, fruit and nuts, as part of a wine and cheese party, in soups and sandwiches, grilled on bread or as a thickening agent for sauces.

Semi-soft Cheese

Gouda, That Dutchman's Cheese Farm (NS)
This Medium Gouda is smooth and nutty. Gaining body and sharpness with time, its flavours are as delicious on toast in the morning as with a glass of wine or at the end of a meal. Gouda is excellent by itself, with fruit or raw vegetables, in sandwiches, in stuffed pancakes or in au gratin soups.

Washed-rind Cheese

Kénogami, Fromagerie Lehmann (QC)
A soft, washed rind cheese with an aroma of mild herbs and a creamy, buttery and nutty flavour. Savour it with fresh crusty bread, fruit and nuts, in soups and sandwiches or to thicken sauces.

Firm Cheese

Old Growler Gouda, That Dutchman's Cheese Farm (NS)
Old Growler Gouda has a hard, brittle texture and its flavour is zesty and sharp. Delicious served on toast in the morning, or as part of a platter, with a glass of wine, or to conclude a meal. Enjoy it on its own, with fresh fruits and vegetables, in sandwiches, in pancakes or to prepare au gratin soups.

Swiss-type Cheese

Gruyère, Sylvan Star Cheese Ltd. (AB)
Gruyère is a Swiss-based cheese made with a different culture than the Gouda, making its taste somewhat sweeter. It comes in different aging stages, making it sharper with age. Gruyère is a wonderful and flavourful cheese, perfect for a cheese platter and popular in recipes. Gruyère melts very well, making it the perfect choice for a fondue!

Pasta Filata

Provolone Pignata, International Cheese Co. Ltd. (ON)
Firm cheese molded to resemble a huge pear, it melts and browns at high temperatures. Perfect with antipasto, pickles, olives, deli meats and wedges of melon. It is an excellent cheese to grate on pizzas, pastas and soups. Try it on its own to appreciate its unique qualities or pair it with a quality red wine.

Blue Cheese

Le Ciel de Charlevoix, La maison d'affinage Maurice Dufour Inc. (QC)
Creamy, lightly blue-veined artisan cheese made with whole milk, with a subtle flavour and a pleasant bite. Enjoy Le Ciel de Charlevoix Cheese with dry fruit, chocolate and sweet liquor.

Flavoured Cheese with added non-particulate flavouring

Smoked Gouda, Sylvan Star Cheese Ltd. (AB)
Sylvan Star Cheese’ Smoked Gouda is smoked for 12 hours on Maple wood in a special smoke house. Enjoy it with fruits or raw vegetables, in sandwiches, in stuffed pancakes or in au gratin soups.

Flavoured Cheese with added particulate solids and flavouring

Raclette de Compton with pepper, Fromagerie La Station (QC)
A semi-soft, certified organic raw cow’s milk farm cheese that is ripened for 90 days. It has a coppery-coloured washed rind and a supple, melting texture. It has a subtle fruity aroma of butter crab apples and is very well balanced on the palate.

Mild Cheddar (Aged 3 months)

Riviera Mild Cheddar, Laiterie Chalifoux Inc. (QC)
A firm cheese with a buttery, creamy flavour, underscored by a slight acidity that gives it a sharp, fresh and biting taste. Enjoy as a snack, au gratin or anytime of the day.

Medium Cheddar (Aged 4 to 9 months)

Île-aux-Grues Medium Cheddar, Société Coopérative Agricole de l'Île-aux-Grues (QC)
This Medium Cheddar is made with milk that comes exclusively from dairy farms on Île-aux-Grues, an island located in the middle of the majestic St.-Lawrence river. A firm cheese that melts easily, with a hazelnut flavour. It is delicious at breakfast, in sandwiches or to finish off a great meal.

Old, Extra Old Cheddar (Aged 9 months and over)

Cows Extra Old Cheddar, Cows Inc. (PEI)
A firm cheese with no rind and a bright and smooth surface, this Extra Old Cheddar melts and browns at high temperatures. A versatile cheese that rises to every occasion. It enhances omelets, macaronis, sandwiches, soups and casseroles of all kinds. For a wine and cheese tasting, choose this fine product to accompany a full-bodied red wine or a port.

Farmhouse Cheese

Old Grizzly, Sylvan Star Cheese Ltd. (AB)
The Goudas from Sylvan Star Cheese come in six aging stages. The oldest, Grizzly Sharp, is aged 12 to15 months. As the Gouda matures, the flavour becomes richer and sharper. Excellent on a cheese tray at the end of a meal and in a wine & cheese tasting. To be served at the third service, with port or ice wine.

Organic Cheese

Le Baluchon, Fromagerie F.X. Pichet (QC)
Semi-soft, washed rind cheese made from organic raw milk. This cheese has a mild, slightly earthy aroma and a delicate flavour of butter and cream. Enjoy this great cheese in salads or soups, in fondues and bechamel sauces, in dishes served au gratin, on pizzas and in pasta dishes.

Retail Packaging Design

Alfred Le Fermier, Fromagerie La Station (QC)
A farmhouse cheese made with certified organic raw cow’s milk. Pressed and cooked, it is ripened over a period of eight months on wooden boards. Flowery and nutty in flavour, it has a particularly supple texture. Its orange-coloured crust has an earthy aroma. Best served on its own, it is also excellent accompanied by a good port or served au gratin.

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