International Activities

Canadian dairy farmers remain open to the world and participate in international exchanges with other farmers around the globe. While they closely monitor the negotiations of the World Trade Organization negotiations, dairy farmers also exchange and work with other farmers who share similar concerns over the impact of trade negotiations on their livelihood.

In December 2005, a Coalition of numerous farm organizations from four continents agreed to basic principles and developed a common position on what the Doha Round of negotiations should realize for farmers.

Farmers from developed and developing countries take a common position on WTO negotiations in agriculture

The voice of the majority of countries in WTO is not being heard

In July 2008, this Coalition of farm groups from four continents signed a Declaration titled: The Food Crisis cannot be solved by a WTO agreement - The Voice of Farmers from Africa, Asia, America and Europe Must Be Heard

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In June 2011, farm groups representing farmers in 66 countries launched the Call for Coherence between trade agreements and other international commitments on biodiversity, food security and poverty reduction, which have been undertaken by countries.

Click to see the news release , backgrounder and text of the Call for Coherence.

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