To the Environment

Environmentally-friendly practices are key to ensuring the sustainable future of Canadian dairy farms.

Dairy farmers live and work on their farms every day, so it is important to them to protect the land, water and air for their families, neighbouring communities and future generations.

Conservation and technology

Environmental practices on all dairy farms, regardless of their size, must meet federal and provincial regulations related to environmental protection. In an effort to exceed regulations, many dairy farmers have undertaken an environmental farm plan to identify sensitive areas on their farms. With the results of this tool, they are actively implementing best management practices in areas such as manure storage and application, water quality, energy efficiency, and wildlife conservation.

These practices reduce the carbon and water footprints of milk production, as well as help farmers save money and energy. Dairy farmers, through DFC, also invest in continuing research on practices to help reduce their impact on the environment and improve the sustainability and viability of their farms.

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