To Growing the Market

Product innovation and marketing are crucial to the ongoing development of Canada’s dairy industry.

The market place is continually changing, and the dairy industry is developing new products in response. Milk products definitely have a ‘Healthy Halo’ within this segment.. Yogurt, a category with a great nutritional profile, continues to grow and sales of chocolate milk are growing as more and more people are discovering its tasty and nutritional benefits. Today, there is a dazzling array of new and innovative products such as milk that is fine-filtered, contains DHA (an important omega-3), has added calcium or fibre, contains prebiotic or probiotic helpful bacteria, and comes in a wide variety of flavours.

The Canadian dairy industry’s healthy products are also more convenient: milk, chocolate milk, flavoured milk and drinkable yogurt are now available in eye-catching, re-sealable plastic bottles that are shelf stable, which means they can be stored without refrigeration. Milk is going beyond the dairy case for consumers that are on-the-go. Milk, cheese and yogurt are now available in handy single-serve packages that make them ideal for quick, nutritious snacks and allow consumers to enjoy milk products wherever and whenever they want. Dairy Farmers of Canada is supporting category development and innovation in the Canadian dairy industry by creating partnerships with well-known dairy and food processors. The goal of these partnerships is generally to launch new dairy products onto the market and to develop marketing activities that support each others’ respective products, programs and images with a very strong focus on nutrition, while taking advantage of shared expertise and trade relationships.

Promoting dairy products is not a recent phenomenon. Did you know that the very first ad appeared in 1752 in the Halifax Gazette? Today, marketing has come a long way, and a variety of methods are used to reach consumers, including television, radio, the web, social media, magazines and newspapers, transportation advertising (bus shelters, highway banners, etc.), point of sale promotions, media relations campaigns, sponsorships, partnerships and product placement. In an effort to stand out in the advertising jungle and reach its different target groups, Dairy Farmers of Canada has developed numerous initiatives that aim to educate the population on the health benefits of dairy products made from 100% Canadian milk.

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