To Food Safety

Canadian milk is produced according to standards that are among the highest in the world for safety and quality.

Dairy producers in Canada are implementing an on-farm food safety program on their farms. Called Canadian Quality Milk, this program keeps track of a dairy producers' actions to prevent and minimize the risk of exposing food to safety hazards by:

  • Effectively cooling and storing milk;
  • Safely shipping dairy animals;
  • Closely monitoring and recording the use of medicines and chemicals to prevent residues in milk and meat;
  • Sanitizing the milking equipment and making sure the wash water is clean.

All milk produced on Canadian farms is tested for antibiotic residues at its arrival at the processing plant. Any milk that tests positive for antibiotic residues is discarded, not sold to the public. The farmer at fault is traced back through the sample taken at the farm every time the milk truck picks up farm milk, and he is responsible for all expenses related to discarding the shipment. Farmers are paid for the quality of their milk, and are fined heavily if it does not meet proper standards.

Also, rBST, a growth hormone for dairy cows, is not approved for sale in Canada, even if it is used in the United States.

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