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Statement from DFC in reaction to government’s Dairy Farm Investment Program

August 02, 2017

Yesterday, the Government of Canada announced the administrative details of the $250 million Dairy Farm Investment Program that will be implemented to mitigate some of the negative impact on Canada’s dairy farmers coming as a result of the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA). Farmers can access information and can now apply to the program online.

In announcing the transition program last November, the government acknowledged that the access granted in CETA would negatively impact Canadian dairy farmers. We are looking forward to seeing the Dairy Farm Investment Program in action to ensure that it functions as intended, and that the program has the ability to be adjusted if required, to truly benefit farmers.

The announcement of the details of the Dairy Farm Investment Program came on the heels of an announcement regarding the allocation of the new tariff rate quotas (TRQs) for cheeses that will be imported from Europe as a result of CETA. DFC believes that a greater allocation of the TRQ to cheesemakers would have ensured they could import cheeses that are not already produced in Canada, and thus offer a greater variety of cheeses to Canadian consumers. DFC and Dairy Processors Association of Canada issued a joint release to say the government missed an opportunity to support the future growth of the Canadian dairy industry. The release can be read here.

Canada’s dairy farmers remain committed to producing high quality milk for Canadians. Our industry has grown over the last number of years, and we hope that with this transition fund, our industry will continue to prosper as we face the implementation of the CETA agreement. We appreciate the government’s continued support for supply management, and their commitment to ensuring a sustainable, viable and efficient dairy industry for the benefit of the Canadian economy, and for consumers.

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