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DFC statement on fairlife announcement

June 05, 2018 - Ottawa

Today, following the announcement regarding Coca-Cola’s project to bring a high protein milk to Canada, DFC President Pierre Lampron gave the following statement:

Dairy farmers are true believers in innovation, which is why we are pleased to hear that a new product will be offered to Canadian consumers soon. The building of a processing plant to produce this high protein milk will create jobs for Canadians, adding to the 221,000 jobs supported by the dairy sector.

Dairy farmers in Canada will also benefit from this announcement, as Canadian milk will be used to make this product in the future. We are pleased to hear the recognition of these companies to the Canadian model of high standards for quality and animal care as reasons that support their choice to use milk produced on Canadian farms to expand their product offering to Canada.

Our Canadian dairy sector continues to contribute to the Canadian economy and to attract investments, which continues to build on stable growth in our marketplace, for the benefit of Canadians.

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