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DFC CEO Responds to Maxime Bernier

August 02, 2018 - Ottawa

This morning, another news piece was written about Maxime Bernier and his tirade against supply management in reference to trade. Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) CEO Jacques Lefebvre released the following statement in response:

“Why is Maxime Bernier advocating for dismantling supply management as part of the NAFTA trade negotiations? It’s hard to understand given that under the current system the Americans have been able to export 3 times as much dairy to Canada last year as we do to the United States, on a value basis. How much more does Maxime Bernier want to give? This comes at a time when Canadians should be banding together. It is hard to see why Mr. Bernier would align with President Trump by throwing Canadian farmers under the bus. Perhaps this has less to do with the interests of our country and more to do with his own political aspirations.”

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