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Dairy Farmers Supporting Jobs and Growth

March 21, 2013

Economic Action Plan 2013 and the Canadian Dairy Sector Contribution

Dairy farmers of Canada noted with interest the federal budget tabled today by the Honourable James Flaherty, Minister of Finance. Committed to maintaining and growing a vibrant, innovative and strong dairy sector, the new budget includes a number of items of interest to the agricultural sector.

Dairy farmers have placed a high priority on investing in world-class research and innovation through the Dairy Cluster and welcome the federal government’s $3 Billion over five year commitment to Growing Forward 2, and multiyear funding for genomics research.

Job sustainability is a shared priority of government and dairy farmers across the country. From 2009 to 2011, jobs increased from 215,104 to 218,330 in the Canadian dairy sector. Dairy farmers are proud of the resilient dairy industry that contributes to the Canadian economy.

DFC is committed to continued investment in research and skills training to ensure agriculture is a leader in the knowledge economy and Canadian work force.

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