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Dairy Farmers of Canada takes good note of the Canadian government’s words of support for the dairy sector

August 29, 2018 - Ottawa

“Canadian dairy farmers took good note of Prime Minister Trudeau’s commitment to defend the dairy sector and the supply management system at the NAFTA table.

Dairy farmers and their families have already paid the price for Canada to enter into the CETA and CPTPP trade agreements, by opening the Canadian domestic market to other countries’ dairy imports. These imported products displace Canadian products, so fewer Canadian dairy products are available for our Canadian consumers.

Canadian milk adheres to some of the highest standards for quality, animal care, and the environment, without the use of the artificial growth hormone rBST. Furthermore, these concessions weaken a sector that creates jobs and billions for our economy.

Canadians stand firmly behind our dairy farmers and their families. The Government supports a strong and vibrant dairy sector; it must ensure that dairy farmers and their families are not impacted negatively by the present negotiations."

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