The Ultimate Multitasker!

April 14th, 2014

Whether you are a Canadian farmer’s wife, American, Australian or wherever in the world, your role is pretty much the same. You are the wife, mother, assistant vet, book keeper, soccer mom, carpooling coordinator, animal midwife, counsellor, maid, farm hand, caterer, go-fer, chef, secretary, homework tutor, home handy woman… did I leave anything out? I’m sure I have. The point is sometimes you just need a little something that is you, all yours and reflects your inner goddess, child or artist, am I right? Take me for example. I am a baptised by marriage Canadian farmer’s wife. This city kid, ex-foster child always wanted to be a farmer.

My beloved Granny Key always said, “Honey, if you find a hard-working man who loves animals and kids, snap him up.” So, I did. I married a dairy farmer. The life of a farmer’s wife can be pretty tough, from helping with milking sometimes three times a day to on calving watch in the middle of the night. It is always satisfying and rewarding, but I needed more.

I always had my showing and horse training career, but found it difficult to work around my role on the farm and five pregnancies, toddlers, diapers and naptimes. I always had an interest in writing and one day I pulled out a pad of paper and penned my first historical romance. Then I penned a second and a third. What did I do with them? Nothing. I mean I was just a lil’ ol’ farmer's wife with no formal writing training. Who was going to want my books? I fell into a little occasional freelance journalism for a local newspaper. That was fun, but it was often hard to run out and cover a local news story between the kids and the farm.

As luck would have it my editor mentioned in passing that he loved my writing and I should consider writing and publishing a novel sometime. Imagine my surprise to find they loved it and wanted to publish me! A couple years and seven books later saw me make the leap to a large American press and acquire several awards. Farm experiences, the kids and the animals quite often make an appearance in my historical romances. They are a huge part of my life as the ultimate multi-tasker! It never hurts to have a little corner of the world to call your own! What’s yours?

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