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May 27th, 2016

As a proud 3rd generation dairy and cash crop farmer, I naturally grew up with a love of farming and had a strong passion for dairy cattle. My grandfather told me I would never work a day in my life if I loved what I was doing - and he was right! In fact, my first job outside of my own farm was a job on a neighbouring dairy farm. Whatever it took, I learnt to get the job done in time.

My favourite thing about farming is working with the cows day to day. The dairy industry and farming is a passion of mine I could not give up. I love to talk with other farmers to see what they were doing to learn more about the industry.

I try and milk every night to stay involved on the farm and to keep up with everything going on in the barn. Sometimes is really hard to keep up with it all because I also work off the farm as an Assistant Parts Manager at a farming equipment store. This means when the farmers are busy, so am I. It has come in handy with knowing what farmers are looking for because I often need the same things on our farm.

Getting involved in the community on top of that can be difficult, however it is important for me. I am the Vice-President for Haldimand Norfolk Junior Farmers, an association I have been a part of since 2012 when one of their members brought me to a meeting. Additionally, I have been a member of our local Holstein Club for the past 2 years, I am a leader of the local 4­H calf club, I serve on the local fair board with the cattle committee and, I sit on the local OFA board as well.

I have been attending the CYFF conference for four years and I can’t explain how great it has been to meet and learn from young farmers from all agricultural sectors across Canada. I have met so many great young farmers and made so many friends at the conferences. This conference happens each year in Canada, in different locations. My first year attending it was in Ottawa, second in Calgary, and third was in Ottawa again. The most recent conference I attended was in Vancouver, B.C., which was exciting because I took the time and flew into Edmonton to meet a friend whom I met the very first year I attended the CYFF. From there, we drove to Vancouver, B.C., which was a once in a lifetime thing I wanted to do.

I look forward to my future in farming. I hope to continue to meet leaders and trendsetters in the industry and learn more practices that I will be able to apply on my own farm.

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