A bright future for the industry

November 30th, 2016

It has been a busy and memorable fall for the dairy industry with a number of important investments!

Back in September, the Minister of Agriculture and Agrr-Food announced a 10 million dollar investment for Vitalus Nutrition in British Columbia. This is to commercialize a new ingredient, helping the dairy industry to find new ways to transform unused by-products into something new, exciting, and value-added.

The Ontario based dairy co-operative, Gay Lea Foods, had not one, but three important announcements starting in October by announcing their joint venture with Vitalus to invest in new and innovative dairy product processing in Manitoba. Not only is this helping to significantly improve needed processing of milk in Manitoba, it also opened the doors for Manitoba dairy farmers to join the co-operative as members. This comes at a great time for Manitoba and Canada with a shortage of current, modern processing capacity and producers’ willingness to produce more!

The day after the Gay Lea/Vitalus announcement was the acquisition of Stirling Creamery, adding their award winning butter collections to the Gay Lea product mix.

Most recently, on November 16, Gay Lea announced significant investment to transform Canadian dairy processing. The announcement of a $140 million investment is especially exciting and we look forward to the work that will come out of the Research & Development Centre of Excellence to be built in Hamilton, Ontario.

All of these recent updates and investments show confidence in the industry and a bright future, a vision held close by DFC.

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