Celebrating Canada’s Agriculture Day

February 13th, 2018

Today, February 13, we join farmers across Canada in celebrating Canada’s Agriculture Day, started by Agriculture More Than Ever. It is a day to showcase our vibrant food industry and connect consumers with their food and farmers.

Canadian dairy farmers have many things that they can be proud of. The Canadian dairy industry employs over 220,000 people and is one of the top two agricultural sectors in seven of 10 provinces! Each day, producing high quality milk and providing excellent care to our animals are two of our highest priorities. We continue to invest in research in areas of technology, sustainability, and genetics, ensuring that we continue to be up to date and innovative in our best practices. All of this to provide nutritious, delicious, and safe milk and dairy products to Canadian consumers.

Today I will be celebrating Canada’s Agriculture Day with a tall, cold glass of milk while thinking of and thanking dairy and all other farmers across the country. How will you celebrate?

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