DFC Reacts to the TPP-11 Ministerial Declaration

November 11th, 2017
Tags: TPP, trade
Farm Policy

According to today’s Ministerial Statement released from the TPP-11 talks in Da Nang Vietnam, no final agreement has been reached on a TPP-11 deal without the United States.

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DFC reacts to government announcement

May 2nd, 2016

Dairy Farmers of Canada are relieved that the government is committing to the long-awaited compensation, and is looking forward to working together to discuss what it will look like

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Let’s grow this industry to its full potential

April 26th, 2016

On April 11, 2016 some members of our family had the opportunity to provide DFC’s Ottawa staff with our perspective of dairy’s current challenges and opportunities.

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Doing what’s right when it comes to CETA compensation

April 4th, 2016

It is time to consider CETA separately from TPP.

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Correcting: Market Access and the TPP

October 20th, 2015
Tags: TPP
Farm Policy

In a recent article published in the Huffington Post, Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette has made several critical factual errors in her interpretation of the market access granted to the Canadian dairy market in the TPP agreement.

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Milk Less Expensive in Canada

October 19th, 2015

Several supply management critics say milk is cheaper in the US, but all milk is not created equal.

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Thankful for the Rain: Thoughts from a Producer, post-TPP

October 14th, 2015

Have you ever had something in your life that was sort of hanging over you like a dark cloud; a dark cloud that wouldn’t quite go away? It’s the type of cloud follows you around, threatening rain, but you never really know when it might rain or if it will rain at all. The sun might even come out instead but you just never know because you don’t have any control over that cloud.

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DFC President Reacts to TPP

October 6th, 2015

There were many differing reactions to the announcement of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal yesterday. Some export sectors rejoiced, some sectors breathed a sigh of relief, and others, including the National Farmers Union, interpreted the deal to mean that the end of supply management is near.

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Response to “An all-party plot to raise food prices”

October 1st, 2015

To the National Post Editorial Board:

Yesterday, you published an article titled “An all-party plot to raise food prices”. The article was un-signed by an individual author; perhaps this is due to the fact that its contents are so misleading?

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Atlanta Trade Update: DFC meeting with Minister Fast

October 1st, 2015

On September 30, 2015, DFC met with Minister Fast. The meeting lasted about 20 minutes. He took this opportunity to reiterate that the Canadian government is in Atlanta hoping to conclude an agreement that is good for all Canadian sectors.

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