Why proAction?

The Canadian dairy farmers are leaders, committed to high quality standards. We believe leadership and transparency will strengthen our Canadian dairy brands, and maintain the trust of our customers.

Through proAction, dairy farmers will:

  • Implement a single, national, credible, practical on-farm initiative.
  • Address societal demands on dairy farming.
  • Support the marketing, and branding of Canadian milk.

Along with doctors and nurses, farmers are among the most trusted professionals in Canada. The proAction Initiative will provide proof that Canadian farmers are producing milk responsibly.

In support, words of encouragement

“I represent Canada on the International Dairy Federation Standing Committee on Animal Health and Welfare, and can state with confidence that the proAction initiative is unique in the world.”

Dr. David F. Kelton, DVM, PhD
Professor of Epidemiology and Dairy Health Management, University of Guelph

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“The proAction Initiative is the appropriate proactive measure and I applaud the Canadian dairy farmers for implementing it.”

Dr. Herman Barkema, DVM PhD FCAHS
Professor of Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases, University of Calgary

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“Dairy Farmers of Canada are commended for their leadership and progressiveness in the development of a program for assessment of animal welfare on all Canadian dairy farms.”

Dr. Trevor DeVries
Associate Professor, Department of Poultry and Animal Science, University of Guelph

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“I believe Canadian farmers are showing leadership in this global field of dairy sustainability with the proAction initiative.”

Donald Moore
Chairman, Global Dairy Agenda for Action

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“On behalf of the CFIA, I would like to congratulate you and your staff on the recognition of the Dairy Farmers of Canada’s ‘Canadian Quality Milk’ On-Farm Food Safety Program, under the Food Safety Recognition Program.”

Richard Arsenault
Executive Director, Domestic Food Safety Directorate, CFIA

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“The CanWest DHI Board of Directors unanimously support Dairy Farmers of Canada proAction® Initiative. We look forward to supporting the implementation of the various modules over the next few years.”

Ed Friesen
Chair, CanWest DHI

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“We believe that together we can help improve the health and welfare of the Canadian dairy industry. The proAction Initiative provides the solid foundation and framework towards that goal.”

Henry J. Ceelen, DVM
President, CABV/ACVB

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“ATQ is proud to support and join forces with Dairy Farmers of Canada. A complete and effective traceability system will help maintain both consumer confidence and the export market share.”

Marie-Christine Talbot
General Manager, Agri-Traçabilité Québec & Agri-Traçabilité International

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“Like DFC, we are strong believers in being ‘proactive’ and not reactive when it comes to promoting and protecting our Canadian dairy industry.”

Ann Louise Carson, agr.
Chief Executive Officer, Holstein Canada

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“World Animal Protection applauds the Dairy Farmers of Canada for the leadership shown in the animal care assessment section of the proAction.”

Josey Kitson
Executive Director, Canada; World Animal Protection

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“proAction provides a unique opportunity and motivation for producers to dialogue with their advisors about ways they can improve and fine tune their farm and animal management skills.”

Ann Godkin, DVM, DVSc.
Lead Veterinarian in Disease Prevention; Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs of Ontario

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“We are very supportive of the initiatives taken by Canadian dairy farmers to improve their sustainability via such initiatives as proAction and the Dairy Farm Sustainability Award.”

Andrew Ritchie
Managing Director, DeLaval Canada

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“DPAC/ATLC and its members look forward to the opportunity to work with DFC as this initiative evolves further.”

Don Jarvis
CEO, Dairy Processors Association of Canada

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“Our support extends beyond mere words because—as we have done for the deployment of the CQM, quality, traceability and animal care modules in Quebec—Valacta is committed to helping farmers implement the proAction program to make it easier for them to accomplish their courageous achievements.”

Daniel Lefebvre, PhD, agr.
General Manager, Valacta

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“It goes without saying that we support and congratulate you on the initiative. Rest assured you have our full cooperation in the ongoing research for ways of enhancing the program as new discoveries emerge that could help Canadian dairy farmers in their efforts to improve the welfare of their animals.”

Dr. Doris Pellerin, agr, Université Laval, Dr. Renée Bergeron & Dr. Elsa Vasseur, University of Guelph

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“We are pleased to see the progress made by Dairy Farmers of Canada with their proAction initiatve. This national sustainability framework demonstrates leadership in several areas, including animal care, and will further benefit milk producers and consumers in Canada.”

Scott Tudor
Director of Sustainability, Sobeys

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“DFC has invested in more than a decade of research and consultation to develop made-in-Canada solutions that set standards reflecting the values of our farmers”

Dr. Marina von Keyserlingk, PhD & Dr. Daniel M. Weary, PhD
Professors, NSERC Industrial Research Chairs in Dairy Cattle Welfare, University of British Columbia

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Guiding Principles of proAction

Various aspects of dairy farm practices are brought under the umbrella of the proAction Initiative. The objective is to show customers that dairy farmers are proactive in providing high-quality, safe and sustainable food. A single national implementation strategy aims to simplify administration and infrastructure, and keep costs reasonable for farmers.

proAction will:

  • Be designed by farmers for farmers.

  • Provide reasonable time periods to allow farmers to meet the programs’ targets.
  • Be mandatory for all dairy farms in Canada.
  • Be transparent, and recognized by regulators, stakeholders and society.
  • Improve the sustainability of Canadian dairy farms.
  • Be cost-efficient, user-friendly, and valuable to farmers.
  • Use existing expertise to minimize the number of required on-farm visits.
  • Have the same timelines for all dairy farms in Canada.
  • Have the same obligations, and consequences for all dairy farms in Canada.
  • Use the existing Canadian Quality Milk program framework and infrastructure to facilitate consistent administration.
  • Use credible, and independent audits.
  • Partner with governments in the implementation of the programs.
  • Include the necessary resources to implement the programs, provided by Dairy Farmers of Canada, and member organizations.