proAction shows how Canadian dairy farmers continue to lead the way to meet world-leading standards. The program continues to be implemented progressively, as scheduled.



All dairy farmers are registered on proAction.

99% of farms are registered.

Dairy farms show they maintain high standards defined and measured under proAction.

Farmers document how they adhere to proAction requirements every day, through procedures, record-keeping and management practices that demonstrate they are vigilant about the requirements. 

Trained independent professionals audit each farm in person at least once every two years, to ensure that standards are being met every day.

During the alternate year, 5% of farms are randomly selected for a full validation, while all others are required to complete a self-declaration.

proAction builds on the dairy culture of excellence to encourage continuous learning and improvement.

proAction starts where regulations finish and goes beyond what the regulations require.

proAction requirements are subject to periodic updates or refinement, with input from relevant experts such as veterinarians, researchers, dairy professionals and the farmers applying them every day.

proAction trains farmers (and specific experts like veterinarians) on identified risks, and encourages the adoption of best farm practices in the various areas of proAction modules.

Farmers have access to online resources as well as advice from various experts in the dairy industry, including veterinarians, herd improvement specialists, and many more to continuously raise the bar on performance. 

Farms that do not perform well are required to prepare and implement corrective action plans to drive improvement.

Maintain the recognition of proAction by third parties so that proAction continues to be respected, relevant and meaningful.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has provided a prestigious level of recognition to DFC for this program in 2015 because it is based on science and implemented consistently across the country. To maintain this recognition, DFC undergoes regular reviews with CFIA.

The National Farm Animal Care Council provided recognition of the Animal Care module in 2014, and again in 2017.

Last updated: 09/20/20

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